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Blue Ocean Strategy

At Ocean Glory LLC we believe in Blue Ocean strategy and work tirelessly to explore the uncharted depths for our markets and customers. We go all out to create values-values which we believe and inculcate values which binds us and our customers in one thread. The strategy is to works towards the following areas: To capture the B2B market and B2C in the known market space, which allows us as Company to clearly see the factors that we compete on and where the competition currently invests. Secondly to propel our stakeholders and employees to action by reorienting their focus from competitors to alternatives and from customers to noncustomers of the industry We’re working tirelessly towards a sustainable yet affordable food source, now and for  future generations. By uniting our ideas and resources harmoniously with the sea, we work towards achieving a fish lover’s paradise where not only the value speaks but availability and affordability is taken due care. Our innovative, friendly approach is the result of rich experience of our owners and stakeholders and are brewing out of shared passion for developing tomorrow’s technologies to unlock the huge untapped potential of the ocean. Producing, processing, sustainable, supreme quality seafood is our goal. Our passion and care for our product means our customers can be assured that the meal on their plate is as safe and healthy as it is delicious.
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