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In Ocean Glory, our goal is to offer the taste of the fish fresh from the seas to our valued customers. We along with our partners and associates, work with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme- quality seafood. We take into consideration the customer demand for farm raised products to wild catch and are constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the highest standards of sustainability. At Ocean Glory, we care for every aspect of our products. As a responsible Processor we insist on full internal control of our own genetics, feed, farming operations, harvesting, processing, logistics, sales and marketing. Together with our Network of more than 15 SME processors and partners to our business we ensure that the products processed are of highest standard and premium quality to meet the choice and taste of our customers. We take utmost pride in our attention to detail, caring for our products throughout  the value chain. Our consumers and customers can be assured that the meal on their plate is as safe and healthy as it is delicious.

Our Products Range

Primary & secondary products

 Whole gutted fish, head on and head off, including Label Rouge salmon   from our partners in Iran and Peru.

  Fillets, Steaks, cutlets, portions, loins, kebabs, steak combos (steaks plus    tail fillets), Red Fish, white fish or other seafood.
  Other options as agreed with the customer.


Fresh and frozen. Secondary processed products such as fillets, portions, steaks and kebabs are available in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays and other retail packaging such as bags, show boxes, vacuum skin pack trays and flow packs.

Our Products

  Filled with sauce
  Delicatessen product
  Fresh fish ready meals
  Smoked fish


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